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Cloudflare launches new cut-price domain registrar

Cloudflare is looking to take some of the stress out of getting your website online by launching a new cut-price domain registration service.

Cloudflare Registrar does away with additional costs normally charged by competitors, which can be a major expense for companies and individuals alike, with the company promising to bill only wholesale prices, with no hidden charges.

Instead, users will only pay the same amount that other registrars would pay to ICANN and TLD providers, rather than being hit with hidden extra costs or pushed to upgrade to services they don't need.

Cloudflare Registrar

The new service, launching on the company's eighth birthday is available to all Cloudflare customers today, with those that have been with the company for the longest time getting access first.

It follows the launch of an earlier platform which was only designed for companies, and also offers high-level security thanks to the inclusion of Custom Domain Protection, which helps clients tailor their online protection according to their needs, as well as its Whois security platform.

In a blog post announcing the launch, Cloudflare CEO Matthew Prince revealed that before the company even launched back in September 2010, customers were asking the company to launch a registrar service.

He added that there seems little reason for providers to mark up such additional services to users, as registering a domain name incurs few overheads except for ongoing support.