Video is in the same league as the camera on the Nokia N8 - we're talking HD video recording and a decent smattering of features designed to give you the best video possible.

The settings on offer aren't as extensive as on the camera mode, but that's to be expected.

White balance and colour manipulation are on offer, which are among the most important for setting the scene.

What is impressive is the sound recording - while the HD video looks a little choppy at times, the sound recorded thanks to front and back cameras is full and accurate, far better than the likes of the Samsung Wave and Galaxy S.

The night mode is odd; it's still really clear and bright, but the lack of frame rate leads to very strange footage, so it's a shame a dedicated video light wasn't included by Nokia.


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It's more about the power of the image capture on the Nokia N8 – check out the world's smallest stop-motion animation filmed using a high-power lens and the N8 to show what's possible with this camera.


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However, don't go thinking it's the world's best HD camcorder on a mobile phone – the iPhone 4 is easily its equal, although we'd imagine the superior optics on the Nokia N8 would give it a slight edge to the highly-tuned eye.

But either way, the Nokia N8 has a fantastic camera performance, which we'd hope it would do, given the Finns has been boasting about the HD powers of the N8 for nearly half a year now.


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