Battery life

The HTC One SV comes with a removable 1,800mAh battery which can be easily accessed by peeling off the plastic rear of the handset.

HTC One SV review

It's a pretty decent size especially when you consider the screen isn't overly taxing and the fact the One SV is packing a dual-core not quad-core processor.

HTC One SV review

The size translates into life quite nicely with the One SV easily seeing out a whole day even with moderately high usage which included phone calls, texts, web browsing, several Twitter and Facebook updates, camera action and a couple of YouTube videos.

If you're more frugal with your usage you'll make the battery last even longer and we were able to squeeze out just over two days doing the bare minimum on the One SV.

Obviously if you whack the screen on full brightness and run a video for hours on end the battery life will start to suffer and you'll be reaching for the charger before the day is out, but for general use the HTC One SV is sufficient.


We've already touched on the fact that the HTC One SV rocks up with 4G connectivity, it makes a pretty big deal of it on its rear declaring "4G LTE" for all to see.

HTC One SV review

Of course the One SV doesn't stop there though, all the usual suspects are present and correct including Wi-Fi b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0 and A-GPS making sure you have all the core connectivity options at your fingertips.

You can turn the HTC One SV into a Wi-Fi hotspot, allowing devices such as your laptop and tablet to use your mobile data connection which is super speedy if you're in a 4G area.

Make sure you keep a tab on your usage though as you may see your data allowance drained in a matter of minutes if you get too carried away, so we advise you use this feature sparingly - if at all.

Unlike in the HTC One S, the One SV has been deemed suitable for NFC technology allowing you to transfer content with a tap between other similarly enabled handsets, such as the One X.

If you fancy connecting your One SV to your PS3 or smart TV the handset is also DLNA compatible, allowing you to easily stream video and audio as well share photos on a bigger screen.