Messaging from emails to texts is second nature to smartphones these days and the HTC One SV is no exception.

Thanks to the Android OS on the One SV you've got easy access to various forms of character-based communication.

You're encouraged to sign in to your various accounts during the first time setup on the HTC One SV – and if you do so you can shoot off into the wonderful world of internet based communications straight away.

HTC One SV review

The stock Android email and Gmail apps are present, with the former letting you add several addresses in one place and view them in an unified inbox, or separately if you're really popular.

HTC One SV review

Google insists the Gmail app has to appear on all Android phones and while it's an excellent client for dealing with your Gmail address it's a shame you can't add your other accounts to the app and do away with the other completely.

Back over with the standard email app and while it may not be quite so feature-packed it's still an intuitive and easy to use system which allows you to add your Gmail address along with any others you may have, meaning you can do away with the official client if you so wish.

The ability to quickly switch between inboxes or view them in one feed is great for productivity and something we enjoy using on any Android handset, not just the One SV.

Text messaging is the standard Android affair with a bit of HTC Sense glitz thrown on top for a slightly more unique layout although it won't out fox anyone familiar with Android, or anyone who has used a smartphone in the past.

HTC One SV review

A handy feature in the messaging app is the ability to increase and decrease the text size by simply pinching and zooming – perfect for those with poorer eyesight or if you want to see a whole message at once without having to scroll.

If you've got a soft spot for social networking then the HTC One SV comes preloaded with the official Facebook and Twitter applications, plus Google+ is also onboard for the super trendy among you.

HTC has always been one of the better manufacturers when it comes to keyboards and the board on the One SV follows in the famed Sense footsteps of handsets past.

However we did find it a little cramped on the One SV, but that may be because we've been using the Galaxy Note 2 recently and our fingers have become accustomed to its massive screen.

With a 4.3-inch display there is plenty of space on the One SV and we did get used to the layout after a few days, although eventually we buckled and downloaded the trusty SwiftKey keyboard which we find outperforms any other Android offering.