The HTC Evo 4G LTE's camera is one of its tentpole features - a selling point in every advertisement - and we're not surprised.


Like any camera phone worth its salt, it has a dedicated hardware button. While shooting, if you hold it down, it continues to snap photos. Once you've finished taking the photos, it gives you the option to select one as the Best Photo. Or not. If you decide not to select a best photo, the Evo will save all of them. But it won't muck up your gallery, instead that grouping of picture will display as a single thumbnail, ready to be pinched to expose the extra photos.


This is ingenious, and in our time with the phone we could tell this is the logical evolution of the frustratingly inefficient "take a picture, check, take another picture" system.


But HTC isn't content with just burst capture, and you'll notice upon opening your camera app that both the camera and video buttons are tappable at one time. When you begin recording, the camera button doesn't disappear because - you guessed it - you can continue to take pictures, even while recording videos.


Now you really have no excuse to miss the shot.


The hardware camera button requires you to hold it down for a second before loading the camera, and here is another area the HTC Evo 4G LTE suffered just the slightest lag.


This can actually be surprisingly annoying when you're unsure of whether you've actually opened the app or not - fortunately, the phone puts out the slightest vibration upon opening, which you might not notice at first.

There is a lens icon in the top right corner that allows you to take pictures with various (mostly ugly) filters and effects. These effects range from fun PhotoBooth-style distortion and auto-tilt-shifting, to a hand fill of filters you'd do well to avoid entirely.


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