With Google taking an age to bring Chrome to the Mac, Mesa Dynamics started work on a technology demo to showcase its own multiprocessing architecture, and this evolved into Stainless, which has a major innovative feature of its own.

Along with Chrome-like independent tab processes, Stainless offers parallel sessions, enabling you to log in to a site with multiple identities, (to work with multiple Twitter accounts, for example). This is done in a simple manner, via single-session tabs differentiated by italicised labels.

Stainless web browser

Elsewhere, Stainless apes Chrome's streamlined nature, but perhaps a little too much. It's efficient and fast, but feature-light, lacking accessible history, address bar auto-complete and standard bookmarking (instead of a list, you get a shelf, which houses groups of favicons – fine for a few shortcuts, but awkward when you've hundreds).

It's worth remembering, though, that it's early days for Stainless. The developers promise regular updates, and a feature-complete 1.0 release. We await this with bated breath – if this early version is anything to go by, Stainless could become the Mac's top browser.

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