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Motorola Dext

This week we brought you news of Lily Allen's rant against file-sharers, and a concept video of a possible new Microsoft Tablet.

We also took a look at the functions that digital camera makers are integrating to try to make their models stand out, and a guide to LED LCD TVs.

Phone reviews were popular this week, with the Palm Pre review making a reappearance in the top five, as news that the UK Palm Pre release date will be 16 October was announced by O2.

Top five news stories

Can Abramovich's anti-paparazzi laser shield work?

Billionaire Roman Abramovich shouldn't rely on an anti-paparazzi laser shield to protect his privacy on board his new super-yacht: it probably won't work on most digital SLRs or any film snappers.

Lily Allen in embarrassing blog-copying furore

Singer and self-styled campaigner against online music piracy Lily Allen has found herself in a bit of bother this week after it was discovered that she has been cheekily copying-and-pasting a blog on the issue and passing it off as her own.

Nintendo to opt for dual Wii SD and HD strategy?

"Nintendo may elect to move to a dual product strategy with overlapping TV consoles (as Sony does) targeting different demographic and geographic markets. If it does go down that route then 2011 would appear a reasonable target for a new platform launch," says analyst.

The Courier: Microsoft's secret tablet is real

Microsoft is apparently set to release a dual screen tablet PC, the Courier, with seven-inch touchscreens and a new and intuitive UI, if a leaked video mock-up of the new device is to be believed.

World's most advanced TV out December

First shown to TechRadar back in January 2008 – with more information released at CES 2009 – Cell TV is Toshiba's effort to make the most advanced television on the market.

Top five in-depth articles

After megapixels: 10 new camera battlegrounds

With the pixel race now dying down, manufacturers want to turn our heads elsewhere. Let's run down a top 10 of gimmicks you should look for on your next compact.

How to optimise your Windows swap file

Over the years we've heard all the so-called best methods; no swap file, fixed swap file, system managed file, on the main partition, on its own partition, twice the system memory, three times the system memory, fragmented, defragmented...

LED LCD TVs: 10 things you need to know

While we wait for OLED to mature as a mass market TV technology, inorganic LEDs are giving LCD a significant performance boost.

7 reasons why the Motorola Dext will save the brand

After what seems like aeons in the wilderness, Motorola is back with a new phone, the Dext. It's the brand's first effort at a phone on the Android platform, and it has high hopes that this will be the one to bring it back into the light.

7 emerging technologies from the last 12 months

Time flies when you're having fun – or compulsively updating Twitter. Here's a bunch of technologies that have truly emerged in just the last year. Before then, they were just the figment of some venture capitalist's imagination or used exclusively by teenage bloggers who rarely go outside.

Airplane wi fi

Top five reviews

ATI Radeon HD 5870

The ATI Radeon HD 5870, AMD's new premium pixel pumper, is quite simply the most powerful computer chip we've seen of any kind, thanks to getting on for three teraflops of raw processing power.

ATI radeon hd 5870

Apple iPod touch 64GB

It's worth a closer look at the new touch to see how it stacks up against the previous version, especially since pricing has now changed across the line.

Apple iPod nano 5th Gen 16GB

New to the iPod nano are a decidedly old-school FM radio, a slightly bigger 2.2-inch display (up from 2-inches), fingerprint-attracting glossy finish and a choice of nine fabulous colours.

Nokia 6303 Classic

The Nokia 6303 Classic isn't a high-spec, high-end dazzler, but updates one of Nokia's most popular handsets of recent years – the 6300 – in its mid-tier portfolio.

Nokia 6303 classic

Palm Pre

While the Palm Pre is certainly one of the best smartphones available – smarter than the T-Mobile G1 and just about every other model released since 2007 – the question everyone wants to answer is: can it kill the iPhone?

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