Warner begins online on-demand service

A US-only trial begins, with the UK left behind yet again

Warner Bros has unveiled an online site that delivers an archive of on-demand shows from its television back catalogue.

Launched as a private Beta, TheWB.com allows users to watch shows such as Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Friends and Smallville as and when they want. That is if you’re based in the US.

This comes after Warner Bros started adding on-demand movie content to various download services such as: Amazon Unibox, iTunes, Cinemanow, Vudu, Xbox 360 and on a variety of cable channels.

The films currently available on demand include: Michael Clayton, Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix and The Assassination Of Jesse James.


As well as offering famous shows for perusal, the site will also host web-only content. This will include a new web show created by Charlie’s Angels director McG, the online mystery drama Sorority Forever.

Aiming at the 18-34 audience, the site also offers a variety of new features such as an editing app, WBlender, that allows you to create your own TV mashups. There’s no word however if you can upload your ‘viral’ work to YouTube and the like as that, in theory, would still be piracy.

Speaking to the Guardian, a spokesperson for Warner Bros UK said that the company has no plans to launch the site in the UK, leaving another on-demand shaped hole for Brits everywhere.



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