Ofcom 800MHz plan could leave public livid

Wotsat: Punters could face THREE TV retunes

British TV viewers could face an astonishing three rounds of returning their digital receivers according to an investigation by What Satellite magazine.

According to WotSat's blog, the Ofcom plan to help in the creation of a pan-European space for mobile broadband and TV could cause misery for thousands who will be forced to retune their receivers.

"The plan…could lead to fewer homes receiving all six Freeview multiplexes instead of the basic three, and restrict the chance of launching more Freeview multiplexes in future."

Third time a charm?

"But it could mean some homes retuning at least three times - for Digital Switchover, for Freeview HD, and then for the 800MHz clearance," Wotsat adds.

The reason behind the clearance of the 800MHz band is to allow mobile companies to provide new services - as happened with the 3G networks.

"Aligning the spectrum would mean that manufacturers could produce equipment for a mass market at a lower unit cost and users could enjoy greater freedom," states Ofcom.

However, as Wotsat points out: "Many regions are likely to have made the switch by the time Ofcom can make firm plans, so they will have to face a second round of re-tuning their digital TV receivers.

"Meanwhile, Freeview homes in Border, West Country, and Wales already face an extra round of retuning when Freeview HD arrives in next couple of years."

Via WotSat


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