A waterproof OLED for your fish tank

Now you can show your fish a video of a fish

A company called ITO electronics over in Japan has decided that OLEDs are far too dry and placed them underwater instead at the recent Finetech Japan 2009 event.

The OLEDs themselves are actually dry, as it's a packaging technology used to keep them safe from the water that's being shown off, but it's still impressive nonetheless.

The next big thing

OLEDs, while being the 'Next Big Thing' and touted as miles better than LCD, do fall apart woefully should a drop of water or a breath of air enter its sacred chamber.

This means that using one in a watch or other waterproof device is out of the question usually, but it appears that Ito Electronics' effort should solve the problem.

Now all that needs to be done is making OLEDs that last longer than a few years, don't lose their brightness rapidly, can actually exist in the air and can be made larger than a few inches and we are in business!

Via OLED-info.com


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