Moto X +1 may be on the way as branding appears in Twitter leak

The Moto X phone was supposed to herald the start of a bold new era for Motorola, under Google's stewardship, but it turned out to be a fleeting indication of what might have been.

However, now in the hands of Chinese manufacturer Lenovo, we could soon see a sequel to the Moto X according to notorious Twitter leak artist @evleaks.

In a post on Sunday, he posted an image purportedly containing branding for a Moto X +1 device, which he says is "coming soon."

There's no image of the device itself, so it's not certain whether the branding refers to a smartphone, tablet or perhaps even a smartwatch?

Lenovo backing

Shortly after the Lenovo takeover, Motorola insisted that its new masters would back those products already in the pipeline.

It's highly likely that the X+1, whatever form it may take, will have been in the pipeline for some time now.

Via Android Central