iTablet finally launched – but not by Apple

UK firm claims to have 'proper multi-tasker'

UK company X2 has revealed the iTablet – but this one is nothing to do with Apple.

The new device is running Windows Mobile 7 and is powered by an Intel Atom processor, similar to the ones used in most netbooks.

It also has 250GB of storage, a 12.1-inch multi-touch capacitive display, and more tellingly, the ability to multi-task and run Flash video.

Thick 'n' chips

There will also be a front 1.3MP web cam for video chatting, USB ports and an HDMI-out connection for sending your content to larger screens.

However, this OC is 35mm thick – which makes sense given X2's background is in providing rugged mobile PCs to the likes of the military. However, it's not going to compete on aesthetics with Apple's 13.4mm iPad.

A number of firms are expected to release tablet PCs in the coming months as they seek to capitalise on the interest wrought by Apple and HP with their iPad and slate respectively, so it's likely we'll hear a lot of companies extolling the virtues of their device over Apple's.

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