Mind-powered Twitter posts to aid disabled

SNS breakthrough as Twitter user employs brain

The quality of some posts on Twitter (hello, Oprah?) makes it easy to believe next to no thought has been expended, but a US student has developed a system that enables posting using the mind alone without the user even lifting a finger.

Adam Wilson at the University of Wisconsin-Madison built a brain-computer interface that uses electrical activity in the brain, as measured by an EEG cap, to choose letters from an on-screen alphabet.

Tweets away

With an eye for an easy headline, he then had his software send the resulting message to his Twitter account, making it the world's first mind-powered Tweet.

In spite of the seemingly trivial application, the development could have benefits for disabled people.

A professor working with Wilson explained: "Someone could simply tell family and friends how they're feeling... That would really be an enabling type of communication means for those people."