Twitter finally adds text ads to homepage

But cleverly disguises them as fun dictionary definitions

The questions about how Twitter will ever make any money are starting to get answered as the first text ad finally appeared on the Twitter home page.

Beneath your picture and following stats, there's now a little box that currently advertises the chance to look at Twittervideo, ExecTwitter and Tweetie, displayed as a sort of dictionary definition.

Apparently, according to TechCrunch, Tweetie developer Loren Brichter has said that the current ads aren't paid for - they're a trial to see how text-based ads would work.

Project Twext

The actual phrase used was Twitter want to promote projects like Tweetie as they highlight "variety, relevance and value".

Whether this is going to turn into text ads on the home screen into money-spinners or simply be a method of getting projects based on the Twitter API properly into the twonsciousness (Twitter consciousness) will have to be seen.

But at least Tweeps will be able to Twitter safe in the Twowledge that Twitter Twobably won't be Twisappearing into the twilight (that one's real) as it finally runs out of Twinvestment.


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