Get to the chopper! WhoSampled adds movie and TV sample clips

And lawsuits in 5, 4, 3...

For ages, WhoSampled has been doing the Lord's and pub-quizmasters' work by telling us what songs are sampled by what other songs - and pop culture trivia fans will be pleased to learn it just got a bit more useful.

Now the service will tell you what songs sample what TV shows and films too, with Scarface currently riding high in the most sampled charts because rappers just love that film.

Of course if there are rights issues with songs sampling dialogue from films then this will also prove a handy tool for litigation-loving movie studios, but for now let's just bask in it being a cool new thing to mess around with on the internet.

Annoyingly, if all you can remember is the phrase that's quoted in a song then it's not much good to you, and the database seems pretty limited at launch as WhoSampled relies on users to add submissions to grow its searchable films and shows.

So if anyone can remember what the '90s skate punk song that samples Duckie from Pretty In Pink saying "I mean, why can't I find a decent song here?" is then hey, answers in the comments please.


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