Box to offer unlimited storage

More to follow?

Box's CEO has announced that it will remove storage limits for its business users, effectively matching what Google announced at its IO developer conference for its paid-for Apps users.

Box did offer unlimited storage for its Enterprise users that use Salesforce CRM from as early as October 2009. Another major competitor, Dropbox, has also implemented a no-limit on its business plans while Microsoft upped the limit on its Office 365 plans to 1TB.

Aaron Levie, Box's head honcho, stated that the company is just passing economies of scale over to its own customers and also announced a new set of "integrations" between Box and Microsoft Office 365 customers in the form of Box for Office 2013 desktop and Box for Outlook 2013 desktop.

Infinite storage for zilch is likely to force other players to follow suit, exit the market, merge to enjoy economies of scale or, as it is the case for Dropbox, Amazon and Box, develop ecosystems by adding features that pull them up the food chain, allowing them to increase their profit margins.


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