Reports of Xbox 'E74' video errors increasing

While Microsoft seems to be in the clear on the 'red ring of death' issue which struck initial batches of Xbox 360s, a video problem with the console seems to be on the increase.

"According to data collected by Joystiq as well as Google Trends, there's been a steady rise in reports and discussion of the so-called E74 error on Xbox 360 consoles since August of last year," reads a worrying report on Slashdot this week.

Related to video

"The E74 error is related to video problems caused by either a faulty AV connector or, more often, a loosened ANA/HANA scaling chip.

"This is not the first time the Xbox 360 has experienced technical issues; in recent years many people have complained about scratched discs and over-heating consoles — the 'red ring of death'."

TechRadar has contacted Microsoft for further comment on this issue. Stay tuned for updates.

Via Slashdot