Zelda to the rescue again as Nintendo touts 685 per cent UK sales bump

Nintendo's over-reliance on the heroes of yesteryear has been well documented of late, but when the launch of a new Zelda game can result in a whopping surge in console sales, who can blame it?

The gaming giant told MCV the launch of the The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD for the Wii U last week, saw sales of the much-maligned next-gen device surge by 685 per cent.

While the company didn't offer any specific figures to illustrate its case, it does offer some indication that there's still life in old dogs like Link and co. despite repeated calls for Nintendo to create new stars.

TechRadar was unable to confirm scurrilous internet rumours that the boost saw Wii U sales rise from one to... erm... 685.

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