iOS Xbox app upgraded to SmartGlass

Typing in download codes made easy

Microsoft's solution for a secondary screen for its Xbox 360 console reached another milestone today with the availability of its SmartGlass app for iOS, following the launch of Xbox Smartglass on Android last month.

The free app - which is an update to the previous iOS Xbox app - allows Xbox owners to control their consoles with their iDevice, from navigating through the various tiles to entering download codes on a virtual keyboard.

As well as offering remote control functions for the gaming console, Microsoft has launched a SmartGlass SDK for developers to integrate the second screen into its gameplay.

No iPhone 5 support

While the release of the app on Apple's rival platform is welcome, SmartGlass on iOS is far from receiving universal acclaim, thanks to the lack of iPhone 5 support.

Still, the arrival of the iOS app marks the company's platform-agnostic approach to the whole "second screen" gaming experience, which should give it an advantage over platforms like the Wii U and the Playstation 3.

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