Get an iPad for free on the Apple App Store

Apple is just giving away its iPads - or is it?

Apple iPad not quite what we were expecting

So, Apple has finally announced its long-heralded tablet device and called it the iPad. But, wait a minute, there's already something called an iPad and it's already available on the Apple Store.

The iPad app is freeware which allows you to turn your humble iPod into an iPad – essentially a notepad that allows you to write 1000 word notes and store them on your PMP.

All-new iPad

Sounds boring – well that's because it is. But we are sure that its maker Widgeteria didn't expect Apple to go and name the latest game-changing gadget after their beloved and rather smallscale app.

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We are sure Apple cleared the name with Widgeteria first, right? Because, it is on the app store and proudly proclaims: "The all-new iPad – 1000 words in your pocket".

Saying that as the all-new all-new iPad hardly fits into your pocket, we are assuming that there will be no confusion there.

At least, when your mates ask – do you own an iPad, you can say YES. And show them this nifty little app that you downloaded for free.