Apple tablet Mac rumours stretch to 15in

Jumbo OS X devices well into laptop territory if true


Hey - you know that rumoured Apple tablet computer everyone's so sick of hearing about? Well, guess what? Yep - apparently, the tittle-tattle should be in the plural, as there could just be three of the mythical beasties in the loch.

Gizmodo says a source it trusts in China, but not longtime Apple supplier FoxConn, swears blind the much-discussed 10-inch tablet Mac will be joined by a 13- and a 15-incher.

OS X Leopard

Apparently, the two new jumbo iPhone-alikes the source saw from behind a bush are made of aluminium and at least one of them is running OS X 10.5, AKA Leopard.

Admittedly, just because some pre-production devices have been spotted somewhere, it doesn't add up to proof that there's something bigger than we thought lurking out there, but it is food for thought.

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