Just 9% of HDTV owners want Blu-ray

New survey shows US consumers just aren’t that interested in the format

Now that HD DVD has bitten the hi-def bullet, you would think that consumers would flock to Blu-ray, well not according to a survey by NPD.

The survey, which took place in March this year, reveals that just 9 per cent of American households – and there are currently 40 million of them – that own HDTVs are looking to invest in a Blu-ray player.

This number drops when it takes into account non-HDTV punters. Just 6 per cent of those questioned said they were thinking of buying a Blu-ray player in the next six months.

Feeding the consumer’s appetite

Speaking about the findings, Russ Crupnick, entertainment industry analyst for NPD, said: “The door is open for studios to feed the consumer’s appetite for Blu-ray content, and we expect sales to increase, as prices for hardware and software moderate in the coming months.

“Even so, it will take a concerted effort by manufacturers and retailers to ratchet awareness even further and convince all of those potential buyers of the superiority of Blu-ray Disc versus standard DVD.”


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