Blockbuster demands more Blu-ray copies

More Blu movies are needed for the hi-def format to succeed, says CEO

Blockbuster believes that Blu ray rentals can slow down digital download growth

There's no more throwing caution to the wind when it comes to adopting Blu-ray – at least not where Blockbuster is concerned.

The CEO of the movie rental chain, Jim Keyes, has demanded studios make more copies of Blu-ray films, as this is the only way the hi-def format will truly succeed.

Slowing the demand for digital

Speaking at the Home Media Expo in Las Vegas, Keyes said: "Blu-ray Disc represents a classic lifecycle extender. It represents a good continuation at least for some period of time – five years, 10 years."

In his speech he commented on the fact if studios don't mass-market the product faster then they will inevitably lose out to digital downloads.

"We think the rental model can help Blu-ray," said Keyes, "If we're slow in doing this, all it does is stimulate demand for digital."

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