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Why should you download Opera? Because while this handy browser solution is often forgotten next to Firefox and Internet Explorer, it’s a surprisingly capable with some clever features.

When we talk about the browser wars, it’s usually a straight fight between Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, Mozilla’s Firefox and Google’s Chrome.

It’s hard to say which browser is better. They all have their strengths and weaknesses. But what this modern browser war has given us is more choice. And it doesn’t end with the big three. You can also download Opera.

Opera is no longer an exotic, minority web browser that can’t match the might of the populist browsers. It’s right up there with them and includes current technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3 animations, a unified search and URL bar, plus a slick user interface that makes surfing the web easy, enjoyable and fast.

Speed is key. You don’t want to be waiting around for pages to load and the Opera browser does its best to try and keep your web browsing nimble.

Thanks to built-in hardware acceleration, the newest Opera download works significantly faster than the older versions and is all the better for it. Its Opera Turbo feature compresses pages when your Internet connection gets sluggish. 

The Opera browser’s Discover feature offers you a way to find interesting new content at the click of a button. While the Stash option enables you to capture a page and add it to a handy ‘read later’ list.

Like the other browsers, you can also customise Opera with various extensions, including the likes of Amazon, Adblock Plus, EverNote Web Clipper, Pocket, Buffer and DuckDuckGo.

Verdict: Comfortable, fast and secure, Opera leaves the browser competition in many disciplines behind and offers features like mouse gestures that no other software comes with by default. Download Opera here and try it out for yourself.

Note: Opera Mail is no longer integrated in the new Opera browser and is available as a separate download.


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