£20 per month for Vodafone fibre is the best broadband deal on the market

Vodafone is the first internet provider to blink when it comes to Black Friday broadband deals this year. It's knocked 20% off its already competitive fibre broadband, and completely removed the set-up fee as well.

That brings the price of Vodafone Unlimited Fibre broadband down to just £20 per month. That's an incredible price for a superfast 38Mb connection – as you'll see from our best fibre broadband deals round-up, the next best monthly price for unlimited super fast internet is Plusnet's £24.99pm.

Vodafone's £20 per month fibre broadband deal

Vodafone Unlimited Fibre 38 | 18 months | Up to 38Mb | Line rental inc. | FREE activation |  £25 £20 per month
It may be more famous for Vodafone mobile deals, but the company has come up with an incredible internet discount for Black Friday. You may be locked into the deal for 18 months, but at this price why should you care!? And assuming you already have a BT Openreach phone line like most households, there isn't a penny to pay upfront. Total cost over 18 months £360

Get this super cheap Vodafone broadband deal

38Mb is pretty darn fast. With download speeds of up to 4.75MB per second, it's more than double the speed of a traditional ADSL connection. But if you need even more speed, you can pay an extra £5 a month to upgrade to Vodafone Unlimited Fibre 76.

Cranking up the speeds to around 9.5MB per second, paying the extra is well worth it if you have a house full of regular internet users all battling for bandwidth at the same time. Plus, if you stream a lot of 4K content, you'll get a much smoother viewing experience with Vodafone's 76Mb plan. £25 per month for this much speed is a bargain. The next best price for such a fast connection is TalkTalk Faster Fibre, which would cost you an extra fiver a month.

Existing Vodafone broadband customers

If you signed up for Vodafone broadband last week (or even yesterday!) we know you must be kicking yourself at missing out on the discounted rate. We feel your pain. So we asked Vodafone whether existing customers can claim the improved deal, too. They told us that:

"The discounted tariff is available to new and existing customers. However, the price would not go down for existing contracts. You would need to cancel and take out a new contract."

So if you have indeed recently grabbed Vodafone broadband, it would be well worth giving them a call to see if you can cancel your old contract and start a new one at the better price. The only obvious thing to watch is that you'll be committed to Vodafone for a further 18 months.

Best broadband deals

Trust us when we say that you can't beat Vodafone broadband purely on price at the moment. But if you want an all-singing, all-dancing package that features broadband and TV or inclusive calls from your landline, Vodafone can't help you. It's only dealing in broadband at the moment.

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