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As of October 9, 2023, if you use Private Internet Access (PIA), you can now access seven new countries, including South Korea. The provider even expanded its dedicated IP locations to include popular cities like Brussels, Stockholm, and Houston. 

That's just the latest boost to PIA's network of already more than 20,000 servers. The "substantial expansion" comes as a direct response to PIA's customers requesting more coverage in specific areas. 

PIA's network "substantial expansion"

The VPN provider is thrilled to expand its global coverage from 84 to a total of 91 countries worldwide, confirming that each "location was chosen with careful consideration." Seven new country locations have now been unveiled, in fact, namely Bolivia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Nepal, Peru, Uruguay, and South Korea.

A surge in demand for better VPN coverage appears to have been the main reason that pushed PIA's developers to increase their network reach. The focus on improving the network across South America and Asia regions echoes the provider's commitment to ensure a free and open internet around the world.

Commenting on this point, Himmat Bains, Head of Product at PIA, said: "Our primary focus is to think about how we can best meet the changing demands of our users, and these additions are a result of their requests. We also took into account regions where we saw a need for more country options and carefully considered the unique use cases for each location."

PIA also claims to be one of the few, if not the only, VPN services with a network covering the US in its entirety. In July 2022, PIA launched its 50 Servers in 50 States campaign in an effort "to provide increased convenience and online privacy to citizens" across the country. 

Private Internet Access (PIA) network expansion graphic

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PIA's "substantial expansion" doesn't end here, though. The provider has also extended its dedicated IP locations to include popular hubs such as Brussels, Stockholm, Houston, and San Jose (Silicon Valley).

Contrary to static IP addresses, a dedicated IP provides you with a unique IP that only you can use.

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This enables customers to enjoy all the perks of VPNs (better anonymity and privacy) in a smoother online experience, free of recurring annoying verification processes. A dedicated IP is also needed to access services like banking platforms in total security as these often ask for a fixed IP to work.

It's worth reminding that users need to pay an extra fee to benefit from PIA's dedicated IP, starting as little as the equivalent of less than $2 per month for its three-year subscription.

These announcements also coincide with Cybersecurity Awareness Month, emphasizing PIA's mission of making the internet more secure, accessible, and free of censorship and surveillance.

"At Private Internet Access, our core commitment is to deliver the highest level of online privacy and security," said Bains. "We continue to look for ways to give our users the extra flexibility and accessibility they need in a rapidly changing digital landscape. As always, we remain dedicated to safeguarding our users' online activities and protecting their personal data."

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