Battery life

The G330 comes with a 1,500mAh removable battery. That's at the lower end of what we'd expect to see in a smartphone these days, especially one with a 4" display, but we found it to be one of the better performing, longer-lasting phones around.

Huawei Ascend G330 review

We managed to sail through a day of heavy Twitter and general app use, taking photos and fiddling with the phone non-stop as one tends to do to pass the time these days.

In fact, if you can dial your use down a bit it ought to be possible to nurse the G330 through two days of uptime, making it one of the most reliable and dependable of today's smartphones.

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Huawei's put a power saving mode of its own on here. Once battery life drops to a certain level the G330 will ask if you'd like to engage this low power mode.

The problem is it's not customisable, simply offering the option to limit features to restrict power consumption.


Huawei's also integrated DLNA sharing, with a DLNA folder option added to the standard Android share system. Pick a file, share it through the DLNA app and it'll be ready and accessible by any other devices currently hooked into your home network.

As for radio wireless things, the G330 supports GSM 3G and HSDPA, plus there's an FM radio in here along with Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n connectivity and Google's ace wireless hotspot feature, that lets you turn the phone into a little Wi-Fi router for hooking a laptop into a 3G data connection.