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MaxFire Pandora Pro review

Cute and cuddly - the ideal joypad

Exactly what you need if you are running out of desk space and want a joypad

Our Verdict

Cute, portable and easy to use but somewhat fiddly which can be frustrating


  • Cheap

    Easy to use



  • Fiddly controls

Sometimes, you've just got to use a joypad, nothing else will do. The keyboard and mouse combo is all very well for your first person shooters, but what about sports sims, retro arcade shooters, and racing games?

Sitting in front of your desktop PC it's all well and good hooking up your wireless 360 controller, but that's not the sort of thing you can realistically take out on the road with your laptop.

Enter, then, the MaxFire Pandora Pro. It's a fully functioning mini joypad that folds in half for easy storage. It's even got a wee analogue stick and vibration feedback shoehorned in too.

On the downside though, that miniscule analogue stick has more in common with the PSP's nubbin than any other controller, and the shoulder buttons are awkward, making it slightly tricky to use. On the plus side, it's cuter than a kitten contest.