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Intel Core 2 X6800 review

The price is wrong

At standard clockspeeds the X6800 looks pretty clever

Our Verdict

Any strengths this processor offers are buried under its exorbitant price tag


  • Unlocked CPU multiplier


  • It costs far too much

Six months ago, Intel blew our socks off with its new Core 2 Duo processors. So what is the standard bearer of the range doing languishing near the bottom of the table? The answer is simple and it has to do with that old chestnut, value.

At standard clockspeeds the X6800 looks pretty clever. But unlike high-end graphics cards, say, which have extra units, the performance advantage this CPU boasts is a mirage.

Just like the AMD Athlon 64 FX-62, it is almost entirely devoid of overclocking headroom. And that allows upstarts such as the £100-ish E6300 to almost entirely close the gap when overclocked.

Granted, the X6800's unlocked CPU multiplier will be attractive to enthusiasts who demand maximum overclocking flexibility and options. For everyone else, however, it's just plain overpriced.