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Web hosting prices could be set for a major rise

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Regardless of which web hosting service you use for your website, you could soon see a major price increase due to the fact that cPanel announced over the summer that it would shift to an account-based pricing and licensing structure next year.

If you're not familiar with cPanel, the company provides shared web hosting users with a Linux-based graphical user interface (GUI) and control panel which simplifies website and server management. 

While some web hosts offer their own alternatives to cPanel, they pale in comparison to the industry standard control panel.

In order to stand out in the increasingly crowded web hosting market, many providers offer cPanel as standard while others do so as an add-on that users can add to their plans for a price. However, cPanel's price increase, which will go into effect on January 1 of next year, will likely lead the web hosts that do offer the control panel as standard to raise the price of their plans to justify its inclusion.

cPanel price increase 

cPanel's new account-based pricing and licensing structure will apply to its partners, cPanel Store customers and distributors.

The company explained the move in an email that was sent out to partners and distributors which explained that it is aimed at simplifying the process of adding new servers and will also make it easier for users to become customers. The web hosting market has changed significantly since cPanel was originally released in 1996 and servers have now become powerful enough to run hundreds of sites on a single processor.

The new structure defines the price of each license based on the number of accounts hosted on a server and customers will soon pay for only what they use. cPanel will also move its customers to a monthly billing schedule and when annual licenses come up for renewal, the company will convert them to monthly licenses unless a customer chooses to let those licenses expire.

The company's prices will be increase significantly for both hosting providers and resellers which is why web hosting prices across the board could be set for a major rise once cPanel's new pricing goes into effect next year.

Via Daily Host News

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