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Intel set to combine mobile and PC divisions

Intel's semi-custom CPU business is growing
Intel's semi-custom CPU business is growing

Intel could merge its mobile division and its PC division to create a Client Computing Group CCG that would be led by Kirk Skaugen, the current head of Intel's PC division.

The changes are likely to happen early next year, with the announcement likely to happen at CES in Las Vegas. The Mobile and Communications Group (MCG) is expected to be broken up with SoC development being combined in the CCG.

The rest of the MCG (focusing mostly on comms and RF technologies) will be the backbone of a new wireless group.

What motivated the move? Other than the fact that it allows Intel to discreetly hide the fact that it is losing billions on mobile (mostly because of subsidies to tablet vendors), the new strategy indicates that the Santa Clara-based company wants to put mobile and desktop (and server) on equal footing.

That means access to the latest fab technologies as well as having more common DNA across Core and Atom like higher IPC or better integration techniques, power usage or heat dissipation.

Also because AMD is no longer as big of a competition, Intel can afford to focus its resources elsewhere, where it matters, i.e. mobile.

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