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Toshiba launches speaking projector

Toshiba adds voice function to its projector
Toshiba adds voice function to its projector

Toshiba has announced the release of its latest 3LCD projector, the TLP-X200U.

The projector is Windows Vista compatible, and is equipped with 3,000 ANSI lumens, XGA (1,024x768) native resolution and 600:1 contrast.

What makes this projector stand out from the crowd, however, is its voice guidance feature.

Switch it on and it will guide you through the more technical aspects of setting it up and the like. It also provides system alerts.

Wireless connectivity

The projector also has the added bonus of being wireless. This means you can remotely control it over a network if you so wish, or project information from a laptop without the need of wires.

There's also the handy addition of closed captioning, so subtitles will also be projected. All this is presented in 4:3 aspect ratio.

The TLP-X200U is available to buy now from the US, for the reasonable price of $1,739 (£1,095). No news yet of when the projector will hit the UK.