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UK music chart changes its tune

Legal music downloads for use on devices like the iPod have forced the UK chart to change

The UK singles chart will now include all legal music downloads. In the past, only downloads with singles available simultaneously on the shop shelf were eligible for inclusion.

Chart compiler The Official UK Charts Company has published the new chart on its website. While Pop Idol winner Leona Lewis has held the number one spot, while stalwart UK soft-rockers Snow Patrol have found themselves with a surprise entry at number nine.

The new rules for the compilation could spell big changes in the way the chart behaves. Industry experts and radio DJs predict older bands could make unexpected come-backs.

Old is in again

Indeed, Gnarls Barkley's Crazy - a hit last year, but now removed from the shop shelves - has a re-entry at number 30 - no real surprise since the song first came to prominence as a download.

The number of legal music downloads has increased in recent years, with users able to pick individual tracks from albums, as well as singles themselves, and with an ever-widening pool of content to choose from.

EMI Records is considering making its Beatles back catalogue available for download, presumably to make use of the changes in the chart's compilation.