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Intel remains 'fully committed' to MeeGo

Intel remains 'fully committed' to MeeGo
Poor old MeeGo

Intel has spoken out about rumours that it is ditching its MeeGo OS, originally developed in partnership with Nokia, stating that it is staying committed to the platform.

Rumours had surfaced earlier this week suggesting that Samsung was eyeing up MeeGo - while Doug Fisher, general manager of Intel's software division, wouldn't comment on the rumour, he did say:

"We're very open to other companies participating and helping us shape the next version of an open platform," while apparently alleging Intel's allegiance to the MeeGo software by stressing that it is "fully committed" to the OS.

This 'full commitment' may come as a surprise to the industry insiders who claim that Intel is on the verge of ditching the beleaguered OS.

Right, uh-huh

Fisher was speaking at an event intended to highlight Intel's soirees into the world of software, having bought McAfee and several smaller names earlier this year.

"Software companies are reshaping the industry today, " he said.

"We've recognized the critical need for software. The expectation is this will continue with further acquisitions around software."

From PC World