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Facebook Home leaks ahead of Friday rollout

Facebook Home APK leaks
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Facebook Home is set to be launch on the Google Play store on April 12, but for those of you who really can't wait a second longer, a beta version has been leaked.

The beta was published by MoDaCo, and interestingly the APK works on a range of Android handsets outside of those Facebook specified as compatible, which includes the Nexus 4 and the Nexus 7 tablet.

The device does, however, need to have a maximum resolution of 1280x768 – and you need to be able to uninstall your current Facebook app too.

There's a leak in our home

As expected though, the beta leak does have limited functionality right now. Chat Heads isn't working, and as this is taken from a pre-release ROM, there are a few bugs in the mix.

But the biggest thing we're learned here is that Facebook Home has the potential to be put on a lot more devices down the line, which is pretty interesting in itself.

But be warned - for those interested in grabbing the beta, MoDaCo warns "you do so at your own risk".