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Moto manages to keep £1k Aura off Ebay

Motorola's got an Aura of weirdness about this one
Motorola's got an Aura of weirdness about this one

Motorola has decided that its new high end handset, the Aura, is simply too exclusive for the likes of Ebay buyers, and has added a caveat to purchase which means it can't be resold on the auction site.

Moto might be in dire trouble with its handset manufacturing arm, but it still thinks there's a market for massively over-priced handsets, and is aiming to keep that exclusivity going.

Register Hardware is reporting that a source has confirmed a contractual obligation at purchase which forbids re-sale of the handset.

Moto is watching you

This means that each phone will be traceable to each buyer, so if any of them appear for re-sale then the buyer will be all kinds of legal trouble.

However, don't worry if you've bought one and you loathe the very drawer you've stuffed it in... you can sell it back to Moto, although how much of the £1,000-odd you forked out you'll get back is anyone's guess.

Seems a bit much to stay exclusive really... why not just do what Nokia did and make the phone look like a Ferrari bonnet before charging an arm and a leg?