Mega antivirus sale: Save 50% on any product from Kaspersky this weekend

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Image credit: Kaspersky
(Image credit: Kaspersky)

Whether you've just got a brand new laptop, suddenly become intensely security conscious or your antivirus package is coming to an end, we have just found the perfect deal for you. The only catch, you don't have long to get it.

Starting today and finishing on Monday June 24, antivirus expert Kaspersky is cutting all of its packages by 50% (although this doesn't apply to business virus protection). That means a whopping half price on everything from 1 year basic protection all the way up to the big, all-singing all-dancing 2 year packages. To get access to this discount, you simply need to enter the code SAVE50 at the checkout.

Kaspersky ranks within our top ten best antivirus packages, with easy to use software, high performance, the ability to recover damaged files and accurate and reliable protection. 

Even if your antivirus subscription isn't up for a while you could always grab a package in this impressive price cut and store it for when the time comes. With discounts of up to £62 we can't see a much better reduction coming anytime soon, even with Amazon Prime Day now just a month or so away.

We've listed the key savings available in this sale below so you can find the best offer for you. Or if you're unlucky enough to miss this big discount, check out our guide to the best antivirus for all your other options.

The best of these antivirus package price cuts:

For each package you can choose between one or two year subscriptions and anywhere between 1 and 10 connected devices, depending on your subscription length and number of devices the price goes up.

We've listed the base price for each package below but you can find the costs of all of the different combinations over on Kaspersky's website. Simply enter the code SAVE50 at the checkout to cut the price of any of Kaspersky's B2C products.

  •  Total Security | 1 year | 1 device | £39.99 £19.95 
  •  Internet Security | 1 year | 1 device | £34.99 £17.49
  •  Anti-Virus | 1 year | 1 device | £24.99 £12.49 
  •  Internet Security for Mac | 1 year | 1 Mac | £34.99 £17.49 
  •  Internet Security for Android | 1 year | 1 device | £9.99 £4.95 
  •  Password Manager | 1 year | 1 account | £10.49 £5.24 
  •  Safe Kids | 1 year | 1 account | £14.99 £7.45 
  •  Secure Connection | 1 year | 5 devices | £29.99 £14.95 
  •  Security Cloud Family | 1 year | 20 devices | £99.99 £49.95 
  •  Security Cloud Personal | 1 year | 3 devices | £49.99 £24.95  

To claim any of these antivirus plans, click here to head straight to Kaspersky

  • Check out our best antivirus guide to see what other options there are out there