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Spotify plans added value for subscribers

Spotify plans improved service for subscribers
Spotify plans improved service for subscribers

Spotify has announced plans to improve its premium subscription service by bundling in a greater range of extras.

Users who currently pay for the service, at £9.99 per month, enjoy unfettered and advert-free access to streamed music.

However, under the new plans, Spotify hopes to add in extras such as Spotify by mobile, bundled downloads, improved audio streams and ticketing.

Compelling experience

UK MD Paul Brown has spoken about offering a 'compelling experience' in order to entice more people to part with their cash.

"The idea is to have a service with more features and functionality that will draw people in," said Brown.

"The way I see it happening for us is to create value by being a hub that has great channels, great things to do and a great music listening experience across lots of different platforms."

The new push will apparently begin in the next few months, combined with a big marketing campaign to convince people that the paid-for service is worth it, given that users can enjoy the music for free at the moment.

Spotify now has over a million subscribers in the UK, which is fantastic since it only launched publicly in February.

The idea of an all-you-can eat music portal is something that has caught people's attention, and now the likes of Virgin Media are to begin to offer similar services.

In the government's Digital Britain report, released yesterday, it was announced that services using Spotify's model would be used to curb online music piracy.

Via New Media Age