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Radioplayer launches in the UK

Radioplayer - radio gaga?
Radioplayer - radio gaga?

Radioplayer has launched in the UK, a hub of all of the BBC's radio stations and a host of commercial offerings that is hoping to do for online radio what Freeview did for digital television.

The radio offering is being adopted by a huge number of radio stations – 157 as of now – and each station that joins the party will adopt Radioplayer as its default player on their website.

Any radio station can join the offering on the condition that the tailor their output to a digital environment – with 150 more poised to do so in the coming weeks.

Not radical

"This less about radio doing something radical and new," creator and MD Michael Hill told the Telegraph.

"It's about bringing what the radio industry is already doing online into one place…Successful aggregation of content can only happen when a platform is truly open like Radioplayer is and it has all of the major content partners on board – which this does.

"This is how Freeview was set up – which totally changed the digital TV landscape."

So, what does Radioplayer bring? A powerful search engine, for one, allowing you to pick out your favourite offerings from the non-airwaves, as well as on-demand programming, podcasts and 'listen again'.

Radioplayer can be found at