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Mozilla Firefox 5 web browser arrives early

Firefox 5 is available now

It's only three months since Mozilla outed the official Firefox 4 browser, but the fifth generation is already ready to roll.

The Firefox 5 release candidate emerged on Mozilla's ftp server over the weekend, and barring a few tweaks here and there, the complete version is now available to download.

The official release has been slated for Tuesday, if you want to hold-off until then.

The new version of the browser isn't as much of a departure from Firefox 4 as its predecessor was to Firefox 3, but offers easier access to the do-not-track setting which stops advertisers following you.


The speedy arrival of the foxy new browser follows Mozilla's vow to increase the turnover of new versions.

You can download the release candidate of Firefox 5 for Windows, Mac and Linux from Mozilla's ftp server now.