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Firefox 4 Beta 10 arrives with added stability

Firefox betas are ten-a-penny
Firefox betas are ten-a-penny

Mozilla has unveiled the latest beta for its upcoming Firefox 4 browser, which comes just nine days after the last beta update and brings some minor changes and a whole lot more stability.

Mozilla is in the final stages of its beta releases for the fourth iteration of Firefox, with the company saying that it will have just one more beta before the big arrival of Firefox 4.

The biggest change for the latest beta is that Mac OS X users now have better Flash support.

Less bugs

As with all the beta releases, Mozilla is hoping to get comments from users about the browser, so that it can translate this information into new features and iron out any niggles in the process.

What Mozilla will be hoping with the release of Beta 10 is that Firefox 4 has become faster and less buggy.

With Chrome currently winning most speed tests and Internet Explorer 9 being, well, more like Chrome and nothing like its previously criticised iterations, Firefox has to work hard to stand out in the browser wars. So this beta testing is essential for the company to pick up tips.

To download Firefox 4 Beta 10, head over to Mozilla's website.