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Firefox 3.1 beta features 3D tabs

Firefox 3.1 beta out now, with 3D tabbed browsing
Firefox 3.1 beta out now, with 3D tabbed browsing

Just when you thought you had settled on a new browser, good ol' Mozilla goes and releases Firefox 3.1 beta, featuring faster JavaScript performance, 3D tabbed browsing and full location-awareness.

Yes, you read that correctly. THREE DIMENSIONAL tabbed browsing. Which immediately trumps Microsoft's IE and Google's Chrome and sets a new standard for the competition.

The browser's JavaScript performance is notably faster due to the TraceMonkey engine and it is immediately location-aware, with no Geode plug-ins required.

No porno mode

No private (porno) browsing features have been added as yet, which is not really a major deal in our opinion. Right now you can head over to Mozilla's site to try out the beta.

Be warned though, this is a beta. It wouldn't be the best idea to use this as your primary browser. Just yet, anyhow.