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Bing may have just outed itself as a Newcastle United fan

Toon army, Bing! Toon army, Bing!
Toon army, Bing! Toon army, Bing!

Bing Predicts reckons it can call who is going to finish where in the English Premier League table, and according to Microsoft's search it's bad news for Leicester, Burnley and QPR, but really, really, really astounding news for Newcastle United.

Bing reckons that Newcastle will pick up every single remaining point from the remaining four fixtures, turning round a tough season at the death.

We always knew Bing was secretly a Geordie, and not just an algorithm that allegedly uses search, social, and other relevant data to make intelligent predictions.

At the other end of the table, Manchester United will apparently be usurped by their neighbours Manchester City in the race for third , with Arsenal solidifying second spot.

And Spurs fans look away, it's going to to be your manager's former club Southampton that picks up the sixth spot.

  1. Chelsea 91
  2. Arsenal 84
  3. Man City 79
  4. Man United 77
  5. Liverpool 72
  6. Southampton 68
  7. Tottenham 63
  8. Everton 53
  9. Swansea 53
  10. Stoke 50
  11. West Ham 49
  12. Crystal Palace 48
  13. Newcastle 47
  14. West Brom 36
  15. Aston Villa 35
  16. Sunderland 32
  17. Hull 31
  18. Leicester 31
  19. Burnley 30
  20. QPR 29