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Toshiba announces new upscaling technology

Toshiba adds to its upscaling DVD range
Toshiba adds to its upscaling DVD range

Not ones to let a Blu-ray beating get them down, Toshiba has announced the release of a new DVD upscaler, the XD-E500 – and with it new upscaling technology.

The company has coined the tech eXtended Digital Enhancement, or XDE for short.

The technology is said to be more than just about DVD upconversion, however, as it also contains a number of picture enhancement modes.

Not the first time…

Alongside the ability to upconvert DVD from 480i to 1080p, there are three modes that enhance the contrast and colour of your normal DVDs.

The XD-E500 also contains HDMI-CEC connectivity, Divx certification, JPEG, MP3 and WMA playback.

This upscaling technology is not the first time Toshiba has dabbled in revitalising DVD playback.

Back in June, the company announced the launch of a new laptop range with the Quad Core HD Processor, which enhances standard DVDs to near-Full HD quality – the company's rival to Blu-ray.

The XD-E500 is out in the US later this month for $149.99 (£75). There's no news as of yet if the player will be available in the UK.