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GTA becomes Nintendo DS' first 18-rated game

GTA: CW - Over 18s only
GTA: CW - Over 18s only

The Nintendo DS version of GTAGrand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars has been given the platform's first adults only rating.

Although the news can hardly be described as a surprise, considering the adult nature of all the GTA games, the BBFC has confirmed that only over 18s will be allowed to purchase the title.

GTA: CW has already attracted controversy after it became clear the game would feature extreme violence and drugs; which many would suggest is a bit like revealing that Manchester United will feature football players.

Audience is there

However, becoming the first 18-rated DS game is noteworthy, indicating that Rockstar, the game studio behind the games, believes there is a big enough audience for Nintendo's normally family-friendly handheld that wishes to play this type of game.

The squabbling between Elspa and the BBFC has only recently faded from the news grids, but the message to parents remains clear. Age ratings are as relevant for games as they are for movies.

The BBFC's ruling merely says that the game contains 'very strong language and drug references' but it has passed the game as suitable for release.