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Wii Speak: Nintendo reveals all

Wii Speak will work on replacement Wii consoles
Wii Speak will work on replacement Wii consoles

Animal Crossing for Wii finally hits stores early in December, with many Nintendo fans eager to try out the new Wii Speak community microphone that is used in the game.

However, as with any new Nintendo hardware, there has been little solid information released publicly prior to the launch.

Edge interviewed a Nintendo rep recently to find out more about the peripheral, with Ninty reassuring users that the Wii Speak Channel can be re-installed on a replacement Wii, should the user's Wii break or (shock! horror!) be nicked.

Also, users WILL be able to purchase pre-owned Wii Speak microphones and get an access code from Nintendo to use the Wii Speak Channel – although the code will ONLY work with the one Wii console it is registered to, so you can't share the microphone around your circle of Wii-owning mates.

Not that you would want to, anyway. Finally, what you cannot do is use a third party to use the Wii Speak Channel.

From the mouth of Nintendo: "When Wii Speak is bought (either as a bundle or standalone) you get a Wii Download Ticket for the Wii Speak Channel to download the channel, this is the only way to obtain the channel."