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This Game Boy gun shoots 8-bit pictures at you

Game boy gun

The ingenuity of amateur electronics enthusiasts never fails to amaze us, and the latest high-tech homebrew project to catch our eye is this 'gbg-8' gun by Russian Dmitry Morozov.

Can you guess what it does? It snaps a photo through the gun barrel and then instantly prints it out like a dot-matrix Polaroid camera. If you don't find that a little bit cool then, frankly, you need to recalibrate your coolness barometer.

Morozov built the gadget using a Game Boy, a Game Boy camera, a Game Boy printer, an Arduino board, a long-life battery and some optical relays. The gun shape isn't essential but definitely adds to the effect, we're sure you'll agree.

Now go into your garage and look at your own homemade hacking project - until it's as brilliantly useless as this one we don't want to hear about it.

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