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Parents give the thumbs up to kiddie gaming

Traditional, wholesome family entertainment
Traditional, wholesome family entertainment

There's nothing better for improving junior's coordination and typing skills than a solid bout of gaming, according to a new survey.

Yahoo!'s Shine website asked over 400 parents how they felt about their kids' gaming habits, and the results were overwhelmingly positive.

70 percent of parents noticed their child's problem solving abilities develop, 84 percent saw typing skills improve and 75 percent attributed educational value and improved hand/eye coordination to video games.

The family that plays together, stays together

Some of these rose-tinted results might be due to the fact that a staggering 87% of parents interviewed said that they spend time playing video games with their children, with four out of five saying that they buy all the games played by their kids.

The survey also revealed the popularlity of online gaming, with 72 per cent of respondents saying their kids play games online with other people.

Of course, the other explanation of such pro-gaming results may be down to the company that organised and sponsored the survey in the first place: none other than Sony Online Entertainment.

Enough of that, I'm heading back to GTA IV to pistol-whip some hos, steal some cars and work on my algebra.