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Ad agency admits PSP-4000 typo FUBAR

PSPGo. No, stay. No, go!
PSPGo. No, stay. No, go!

An advert, which revealed that a LittleBigPlanet starter park would be available for the yet-unavailable PSP-4000, has turned out to be a typo.

The ad agency behind the promotion – Accessories 4 Technology – which appeared in games industry magazine MCV has admitted the error, explaining to Negative


that it was a "mistake on our part".

Backwards compatibility

Sony has not announced that a new PSP is on the horizon, but after a bit of a backlash with the PSPGo, due to the handheld console being unable to use UMDs, there is much rumour and speculation that the PSPGo would get a UMD update – which is taking backwards compatibility to the extreme.

As always, Sony has noted that it "doesn't comment on rumour or speculation", which means that it's definitely coming. Okay, we might have read between the lines there but if we are right, you read it here first.

Via Negative Gamer