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Epic's Duty Calls spoof puts boot into CoD franchise

Duty Calls - bringing the fun to war
Duty Calls - bringing the fun to war

Epic Games has started a promotional campaign for its upcoming videogame Bulletstorm by putting the boot into the rather successful Call Of Duty franchise.

Epic has created a fully playable game that roundly mocks CoD, which is aptly called Duty Calls.

The game isn't the biggest ever; someone has uploaded footage of themselves playing it and it clocks it at just under five minutes - but it is chock-full of parody for a franchise that some think takes itself way too seriously.

Hand of CoD

Call Of Duty has become an easy target of late, mainly because of its barmy plots that try to push the wargame genre to its limits.

Because of this, Epic's viral game could well have been subject to gamers' backlash.

Instead, the idea that Bulletstorm, when released, will 'put the fun back into gun' has been well received. And it also means you won't be able to hear an Eastern European voiceover in the same way again.

Bulletstorm is released on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 has a UK release date of 25 February.